Thanks, Awesome Con Indy!

Thanks so much, Awesome Con.


Hope you enjoyed the panel. We certainly enjoyed being a part of Awesome Con and working with you.

We want you stay involved!

First, join us in the Forums!

We’ve just launched our forums. They are actually part of our beta program to take the community-creation portion of what we do to the internet and open it up to everyone who feels interested in being a part of it. We’re currently working on our first online collaboration, a comic called The Weird Ones. You can register and start contributing immediately.

Second, use the the bar at the top of the page to sign-up for email. We won’t spam you, and we won’t sell your details. We use it to announce new projects and let you know when we’ve got something really exciting happening, like a new comic launch, or a new project.

Third, get a copy of B0VINE and JOAN OF ORCA, if you haven’t already.

We’d love to hear about your experience. Send us an email.

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