Big Budget Video Games are the FUTURE!

Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration?  Maybe.

This week Grand Theft Auto V hit the streets and it brought some power with it.  It brought consumers our of their homes to stand in lines at midnight to get the latest version of the classic franchise game.  It also brought in cash.  Lots and lots of cash.

Released at midnight on September 17 (that’s 48 hours ago) the game  generated more than $800 million in its first 24 hours of sales.  See the data over at Circa.

Now, obviously this game has some things going for it.  It’s the 5th in a series.  The previous installment, GTAIV, dropped in 2008.  It’s also being viewed as the last major game for this generation of console as the next major game release, Call of Duty Ghosts, will debut on the PS4 and XBox One.

Big budget video games are an impressive idea as a business model, especially since they generally don’t pay off like they used to.  Rumors are that GTAV cost at least $250 million to produce over the course of at least 5 years.  But these franchisees that are loved seem to kill it each time.  COD is always a top seller, and GTAV will probably do at least $1 billion.  It makes you wonder, from an entertainment industry standpoint, how you could capitalize on this?  Or do you think that only franchises can pull something like this off?  Could a Zelda game do $800 million on release day?  Probably not.  So what’s the secret here?

Reviews for the game have been great, comparing it to the quality of modern dramatic television and with reviews generally ranging from 9 to 10 out of 10.  Pretty damn good.

Did you pick the game up?  Let us know what you think about it.  Should we be playing it?  Also, do us a favor and enter your email address in the box over on the left.  We’re getting ready to release our original cartoon Horrible Prequels and I want you to see it immediately upon release.


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