The Wolverine

Comics For Your “The Wolverine” Experience

Are you headed out to catch The Wolverine this weekend? It’s getting some good reviews, save for the few questioning the choices of a certain negligee-wearing dead Jean Grey floating through the story line.

The Wolverine

The story is based on an interesting comic arc, and if seeing the movie gets you more interested in comics, then you need to be prepared!

Let’s take a look at a couple must-read Wolverine comics to aid your The Wolverine experience.


Written in 1982, this is where the basis of The Wolverine’s story is coming from.  The comic has a pretty unique style and flair, taking Wolverine away from the X-Men for the first time to head off to Japan, where he gets the epic chance to fight ninjas.  You know, the type of shit that you have been wanting and hoping for a character with pseudo-swords that come out of his hands!


This is a classic look into the early days of Wolverine.  The book provided a lot of controversary at its release, for reasons you’ll need to discover by reading it.  It was a very violent and staggering look into a character that was thought to be very well known in the X-Men Universe.


Written by Mark Millar, this is an awesome look into the idea of Wolverine Gone Bad.  Throughout his story lines, he always fears that he will turn into a ruthless killing machine, and this book shows a desperate future, the world overrun by super-villains, and Wolverine becoming exactly what he said he would, an evil killing machine.  Scary and gripping with some interesting ties into the story that you will see in The Wolverine movie.


An older Wolverine is settled down, but has to deal with the fallout of villains wiping out a lot of humans and taking over the world.  This is a very cool tale of what Wolverine is forced to do to deal with how bad the world has become.  There has already been some talk that with Days of Future Past being the next X-Men movie, we could see some glimpses into this story line or possibly see this as the next stand-alone Wolverine movie.

You can head to Amazon by clicking the link above and check out a number of these awesome stories.  I suggest checking out The Adamantium Collection.  It’s $100, but it covers a lot of these stories and gets you an amazing coffee table book to show off your lover of The Wolverine.

Tell us in the comments below what your favorite Wolverine story is, and tell us what you thought of The Movie!






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