Don’t Call it a Comeback – Follow Sports

We return.

Follow Networks has grown so much over the past couple months that Follow:Sports had to go away. There was so much happening, so much change, new direction, new fans, a strive for the “what’s next” that left Follow:Sports a little stale, and little forced.

But we needed it to live. So we are going on, and Follow:Sports will now fit in with the rest of the Follow Networks line up.

What does that mean? No forced analysis. No forced topics. Hot Sports Wife is back. Just the topics that we feel we need to cover. Lot’s of rambling. Lot’s of sidetracked thoughts. Plenty to be happy about it.

We tell you all about it this week. And we even cover some sports. We talk about opening week in Baseball, and we cover the NCAA Tournament. Go Florida Gulf Coast?

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