Dr. Who 50th Anniversary, X-Box ONE, Alien Encounters

Happy MadChat 69!

Today, we’re exploring all sorts of fun things, starting with the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who. This leads us down a rabbit-hole discussion of why a Dr. Who like show or formula hasn’t worked in the US. This takes us to Soap Operas, great TV shows, and to some great Dr. Who talk. Neither of us are TRUE Dr. Who fans, but we both have an understanding and appreciation for the show and it is on our list of shows to plow through.

The other interesting piece of this episode is a weird discussion about perceived Alien Encounters. Both Matt and I have stories about seeing something completely unexplained and strange. Do you believe in Aliens? Do you believe in The Grays? We are talking about that and exploring our experiences.

Plenty of other content here as well, including gaming, The X-Box ONE, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and more.

We’ve got a lot of new content coming this week, including a new Podcast to check out.

Here is your 69th MadChat.

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