Grandma’s Happy Fun Place

Happy Monday everybody! Take a listen to a brand new MadChat.

This week it’s all business here as we cover a number of the coolest entertainment stories and the biggest news stories that are happening in the world.

This weekend’s box office was awesome with Monster’s University (check out our review and thoughts on MU) and World War Z.

One of the biggest stories this week was the Paula Dean story. It’s a pretty messy story. You can hear us discuss our thoughts and make some horribly insensitive jokes at her expense. We’d love to know your thoughts on the whole story. Have you clicked Like on the Support Paula Dean Facebook page, or do you think that what she did and how she handled the situation warranted her firing?

The other great part of this episode is Matt losing his shit over seeing a part of his grandmother that no one grandson should ever see. Ever seen your parents….well….listen to the episode and let us know if you’ve had the same happen.

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