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Welcome to MadChat.

Enjoy today’s episode. We came into it just wanting to see what would happen, and we had some great conversations. Some good comedy as we welcome Mark back to the show this week, and some general non-sense.

Over the next couple weeks you will start to see more and more changes here at Follow Networks as we work to launch our new schedule, and work to create a destination site for entertainment here on web. You’ll see some of that later today as we launch our first #MadMonday piece. You can expect to see some things on Monday afternoons at the Follow Networks site that we are excited about and want you to be excited about, too.

Looking for a way to support the show and Follow Networks? Click the Amazon link on the front page and shop like you would anyway. It helps.

Don’t forget to check the YouTube site for Stalking Mad Men on Tuesdays. Jeff and Chad review the week’s episode of Mad Men and what it means for the upcoming episodes.

Be sure to check out Rancor’s Brothel here on the site tomorrow, and look for some awesome nerd happenings.

Much more long-form content coming in the next couple weeks. Holy shit. It’s going to be good.

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