Ozymandias and the Coming End of Breaking Bad

Last night’s Breaking Bad was one of the best of the series.  As Bill Hader put it on Talking Bad following the episode, it was the episode that you imagined when you watched the pilot.  All the times you thought about the end of the show, and you thought about all the loose ends that were piling up in the show, you imagined last nights episode.

[Spoiler Alert – Stop reading if you haven’t watched]


Walt went all the way down the Heisenberg rabbit hole last night.  But he still believes that he is doing the right thing for his family.  We see pieces of Walt that we forgot existed, which is painted brilliantly by the recreation of Season 1 and the first cook that shows you the family together in one happy unit, then the juxtaposition of the first cook location with the location of the shootout.  Also, I hope you noticed that, while walking his barrel of money through the desert, Walt walks by his pants that were left in the desert while cooking.  Amazing.

It was incredible sad to see Walt react to the death of Hank.  In that moment we are reminded that, at one point, Walt was just a guy, dealing with some shit, and trying to take care of his family.  That Walt is long gone, but Hank was family.  The big reveal here is Jesse witnessing the whole thing and not doing anything about, leading Walt revealing that he watched Jane die.  This is Walt blaming Jesse.  It was big.  Also, did you catch the thought and idea that Walt essentially dug Hank’s grave?  It’s the same whole the money was in.  Smart.

Jesse doesn’t die, and is instead help captive, beat to hell, and then locked to a meth lab where he is being forced to cook. In that quick look, I actually felt sorry for him.

Telling Walt Jr. everything was an unbearable scene to watch.  Marie taking over, telling Skyler off, and then letting their friendship and sisterhood take over was really amazing, especially since we, the audience, knew what had really happened.  Another amazing part of this scene is that Marie isn’t wearing Purple, which is incredible symbolic for her character.  When Skyler and Walt Jr. make it home and see Walt alive, the play-out of them figuring out what had happened was amazing, leading to the heartbreaking knife-fight and Walt taking Holly.

When Walt calls the house, he knows the cops are listening.  He speaks the way he does to make sure the his family is ok.  He is covering for them, and Skyler recognizes it and plays along.  Holly is fine in the end (the dude stole his own child….amazing), and we see Walt leaving in the fresh start van.  It was fascinating.

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