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This week, as you are well aware, the sports world and the real world were brought together under the worst circumstances. The bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon were a tragic event. Our thoughts go out to those affected by what happened.

It was an absolutely fascinating week in sports, and on this episodes, we hit the highlight-reel as best we can.

We talk some about the Boston Marathon. There are many great organizations covering the events very well. I’m sure you have your favorite news source. We here at Follow Networks decided to leave the coverage of facts and details to professional news organizations. We are not equipped to bring you the news, so instead we bring you a reaction, and some nice words.

We talk about the Masters somewhat at length. Everything from the Tiger Woods controversy to the first ever Australian to win the Green Jacket. It was a big event.

Also, hard not to talk about Kobe, and while we talk NBA, we talk about Dirk.

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