Texas Man’s Beer Gut


In Texas, a 61 year-old man presented with dizziness, a BAC of .37, and other signs of intoxication. Although he swore he hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol, ER doctors were sure he was just a closet drunk.

As it turns out, all parties were correct. Sort of. The man had been infected with Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a kind of yeast that is used in alcohol fermentation and baking. Apparently, some people have a condition where their digestive system cannot process yeast as effectively as most folks, and the yeast collects in their intestinal tract.

The man had eaten a lot of foods that were high in carbohydrates and starches, which his body metabolized into sugar, and the residual yeast went to work creating alcohol, rendering the man drunk from the inside-out.

A huge up-grade from butt-chugging, this man deserves a free pass from any future attempts at man-card revocation.

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